LM 1000 EX - Arm lenght: 7 m
Weight without ballast: 2800 kg.

Loader for big farm and for agricultural cooperatives, two hydraulic feet. Hydraulic cicuit 100 litres. Bearing rotation mm 1000. Safety valves-CEE.

lm1000exbis.jpg (13912 byte)
Optionals : - Manure fork - Digger set - Closed bucket - Bucket cleaning ditch - Legger long fork - Beet baske.
This machine is delivered on request with: - Four hydraulic feet - Cover wheels - Reflectors - Hydraulic brake
Closed cabin on request Bucket with side 2 x 45
Drive levers: 4 functions. 2/3 of movements are possible at same time. Adjustable uphol stered seat. All manure loaders starting with LM 500 type are equipped with a second fold arm that increases the working range in a considerable way.
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