LM 1000 SUPER - Arm lenght: 7,5 m
Weight without ballast: 3800 kg

Hydraulic loader for professionals. Rotation bearing at doble turn of balls. Hydraulic circuit 120 litres, command levers at 4 functions, cardan shaft of take power, hydraulic pump with pistons for biger performan CE, principal cylinder mm 125, hydraulic brake. Safety valves-CEE.

Optionals : - Manure fork - Digger set - Closed bucket - Bucket cleaning ditch - Legger long fork - Beet basket
This machine is delivered on request with: - Cover wheels - Reflectors - Rapid attack - Hydraulic revolving
Engine with hydraulic reducing Mass-produced two hydraulic rear feet    Hydraulic piston pump 135 l/min 540 turns
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