LM 25 - Arm lenght: 5,2 m
Weight without ballast: 900 kg

For loading and unloading in extreme condition, folded up principal arm, hydraulic feet qith large support, hydraulic closing, drive levers Euronorm with four function (CEE). Rotation bearing mm 635

Optionals : - Hydraulic rapid attack - Manure fork - Digger set - Closed bucket - Bucket cleaning ditch - Legger long fork - Beet basket
This machine is delivered on request with 3 hydraulic point. It is not suitable for a tractor with less 50 CV.
Adjustable upholstered seat. Drive levers with four function the most confortable and modern way to easilyuse a loader. Massproduced drive lever with four function for loader: LM 20/25/800p
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